Tina Fey, Sarah Palin

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

Sure, Tina Fey bears an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin, and yes, her impersonation of the V.P. hopeful on Saturday Night Live is spot-on, but that doesn't mean she necessarily thinks she's as pretty as the Alaska governor.

"I'll tell you, that lady is five times better-looking than I am," Fey says in the latest issue of TV Guide. "She's 44? She's got none of that droopy s--t. She's keeping it tight!"

Even 30 Rock costar Alec Baldwin seemed to share Fey's feelings when he told Palin on last weekend's SNL, "You are way hotter in person. Seriously, I can't believe they let her [Fey] play you."

Granted, it was just a skit in which Baldwin was trying to save face after he "mistook" Palin for Fey, but his remark, coupled with Fey's comparison, got us thinking about who actually might be more attractive.

So do you agree with Fey's assessment of her appearance, or does she make the maverick's running mate look good? Comment away.

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