Kentucky HS bball dancing kid


If this guy was at more basketball games or even better, every basketball game, we'd definitely be paying closer attention to March Madness. Or maybe we can design a sporting event around this kid because honestly, we'd rather watch him bust a move than some of those people on Dancing With the Stars.

But we digress…

Peyton "Peanut" Henderson stole the show during last week's Kentucky High School state basketball tournament by pulling a Taylor Swift and dancing like no one was watching. Thankfully, plenty of people were watching, which meant we have footage of this kid's sick ass dance moves.

A star is born.

Posted by What The Flicka? on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

He destroys "Shake It Off" and absolutely obliterates Pharrell's "Happy." He shut that s--t DOWN.

Seriously, watch this kid dance. It's like watching someone who knows exactly why they were put on this planet. For Peyton, he was put here to bring a little life to sporting events, because you know people who came for the basketball game actually got more entertainment from watching him feel the music flow through his body.

Don't ever stop dancing, Peyton! We hope the NBA hires you to liven up professional basketball games because those can get seriously dull.

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