Mitt Romney, Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon knows a thing or two about perfecting impersonations from his days on Saturday Night Live, and the late-night talk show host was at it again Wednesday night.

In his latest hysterical sketch, Fallon is shown sitting just inches away from former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the dressing room, and things get pretty awkward.

The 68-year-old politician gives his mirror reflection (aka Fallon) a pep talk before his big interview on the show and tries to calm his nerves about what questions he's going to be asked.

Fallon doesn't miss a beat with the impression—from the tan to the unmistakable laugh—and somehow neither man breaks out of character during the skit.

"I'm a little nervous. Jimmy's probably going to ask me why I decided not to run for president, what should I say?" the real Romney asks.

"Just tell them you enjoy the freedom, you get to sit back and relax, golf all the time, go on vacation whenever you want," Fallon answers, to which Romney quips, "Aka be president!"

The two then touch on a range of subjects, from boxing to Romney's kids, the Middle East drama and, of course, Zayn Malik leaving One Direction!

Fallon closes out the skit with one final question for Romney, "Are you sure you don't want to run for president? Think of all the cool things we get to do…ride in Air Force One, the presidential motorcade…"

"Who needs all of that when you've got Uber?" Romney replies before clarifying that Uber is the name of his driver. Snap!

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