If you're going to puke on Prince Liam (William Moseley), you've got to know how to do it right. And Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) does just that on the second episode of The Royals.

Go behind-the-scenes with creator Mark Schwann and Merritt as they reveal the secret on on set hurling...and it's not what you were expecting.

"This is the scene where Liam takes her back from the party," Mark explains. "She has just challenged Gemme to a drinking contest and lost and now they've come back and have a little moment."

The Royals, Ophelia Pukes

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"One of the great things about Ophelia is she creates her own misery," Mark adds. "She's stubborn and she lashes out at the world and it usually bites her in the ass. Which is a great human quality and this is how it ends."

Watch the clip above to see Merritt repeatedly hurl on camera with hilarious results and click HERE to watch the first full episode of The Royals for free!

Tune in to a brand new episode The Royals this Sunday at 10/9c on E! Follow The Royals on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

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