That's what they said!

On Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, the daytime host played a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever" with Justin Bieber and Madonna. The unlikely tell-all trio didn't hold back with their answers, and Madge couldn't help but note at one point, "All these questions are sexual—just sayin'."

But the Biebs, 21, didn't blush as he and Ellen, 56, and Madonna, 56, all 'fessed up about some rather intimate pastimes with a little help from their "I have" and "I have not" paddles. Like, for example, which of the three have had phone sex? Answer: All three!

What about who's fooled around in a bathroom during a party? Dated someone and their sibling at the same time? Forgotten the name of the person they're fooling around with? Madonna wasn't kidding when she said these questions were sexual!

You can see Madonna, Justin and Ellen's borderline-TMI admissions in the video clip above. The Material Girl, BTW, was loving this game. "I feel like I'm getting to know my new boyfriend," she joked about the Biebs.

He's not necessarily too young for her, either. Although the youngest guy she's ever dated was 22, she reassured Justin she has "no limits" when it comes to age. Plus, when the mother of four saw a shirtless picture of the Biebs from his Men's Health spread, she humorously declared, "That looks 22. For sure!"

"That's what's underneath here," said Justin with a smile.

"On the outside he's 21," quipped Madonna, "[but] on the inside he's 22!"

Watch the fun, flirty moment for yourself in the clip above!

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