Another season of The Bachelor has finally come to a close. Along the way we got to watch Chris Soules, a lonely farmer from a dying town find true...ish love with his new, possibly temporary soul mate Whitney something.

But this season wasn't without its share of shocking moments. From the gut wrenching images of Chris's hometown that looks like it's a week away from just taking down their highway exit sign and calling it a day to that weird censor blur they put over that one girl's crotch and butt every time she wore a swimsuit, this season delivered shocks that shocked us in the shock zone. However, the finale contained a moment that was possibly one of the most shocking shocks of the entire season.

 Chris Harrison recieved a standing ovation.


Chris Harrison received a standing ovation? For what? His groundbreaking performance this season? All he does is walk out whenever a tray of roses appears to look concerned and tell The Bachelor what a hard decision he has ahead of him. Was this the audience saying, "You got out there for every rose ceremony, Chris. Congratulations. You've earned this accolade." It's the TV equivalent of a perfect attendance award.
A standing ovation? You know who else gets that treatment? The President. Revered heads of state. Treasured artists. Chris Harrison kind of presides over a show where 30 people pretend to fall in love with someone after shaking hands with them. This studio audience stands up and applauds him like he's Maya Angelou.
He has 5 to 10 phrases he rotates throughout the show per week.
-This is going to be a tough choice.
-How are you doing?
-Ladies, how was your day?
-What a season it's been so far.
-Coming up on The Bachelor.
That's it. A smattering of applause is appropriate in this case. A smattering.
Most shocking moment.

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