The WWE Divas are no strangers to playing a role at work but Eva Marie has had enough of her husband's rude behavior!

In Sunday's Total Divas season finale, she accuses Jonathan of yelling at everybody on set and even making one of her friends cry.

When he comes home and tries to act all lovey-dovey during dinner, Eva lets him know that she doesn't approve.

"It's not like this made up character," she counters. "This is our livelihood. It's real!"

Total Divas

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Eva Marie tries her best to get through to her man but he points out how much money they've made recently.

"Yeah and what are we doing?" Jonathan points out. "We're f-----g killing it right now! Bringing in deals left and right and that needs to be managed."

"I don't want to work on a set where people are in tears because you're so demanding," the redheaded Diva exclaims before storming away.

Check out the deleted scene above to see how the whole argument goes down. Is Eva overreacting?

Total Divas returns to E! on July 7!

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