James Franco

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

James Franco has seen pretty much everything there is to be written about a celeb written about him.

So it's only fitting he take romance rumors in stride.

The latest reported object of his affection, a lovely young lady he was spotted kissing (on the cheek) on the street, turns out to be Anna Kooris, a photographer-actress who's also one of the actor's assistants and his art studio manager. 

And a source told E! News yesterday that they would "never be a couple."

But Franco himself called out the speculation today, posting a paparazzi photo of himself getting cheeky with Kooris on the street in broad daylight with the caption: "Damnnnnnn... Just Jared's Pappo gets the nasty scoop!! I'm dating my assistant!!!!!!!!!!" Followed by several heart emojis.

The post in question was headlined, "James Franco Kisses Mystery Girl During Movie Date."

Turns out there wasn't much of a mystery after all. And friends kiss on the cheek all the time!

For instance, right around the same time he tackled this movie-date story, Franco also posted a collage of himself and bestie Seth Rogenand yes, one of the four pics featured Franco giving his frequent partner in cinematic crime a big smooch on the cheek in The Interview. In fact, the pair are nominated for Best Kiss and Best Duo for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

While Kooris is usually behind a camera, she acted in the Franco-directed indie films Interior. Leather. Bar., As I Lay Dying and Child of God.

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