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After partying until 7 a.m. at the Roosevelt Hotel with the whole E! crew, my new homey and fellow male model Tyson Beckford, I am officially a mess today.

We were kicked out of Ry Guy's penthouse palace not once but twice, so we brought the party all over the hotel. The lobby was a zoo, flooded with spillover from Prince and Quincy Jones' private bash at Teddy's. (Anyone see Q.J.'s nightmare tux? Did he glue CDs all over himself?)

Shout-out to everyone from E! who held it down last night and made this the day of my career. It's a new day for me and the rest of the big winners.

A few thoughts on that:

  • Finally, Marty has an Oscar. There is balance restored in the universe. His standing ovation was truly the highlight of the evening.
  • I'm bored of Jennifer Hudson. What's next? I know she will drop a CD fourth quarter this year, and then she'll be up for all the Grammys, blah, blah, blah. But I'm looking forward to her next movie. Will she act in something where she can't rely on her amazing voice?
  • Pan's Labyrinth was one of the best films of 2006, in any language, and naturally picked up a few Oscars. But not for Best Foreign Film? That's absurd. Who are these Academy members, and where do they live?
Last King of Scotland, The

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  • Forest Whitaker saved the day with a great acceptance speech, and if you have not seen The Last King of Scotland, get on it. Up next, he's got a dooooooope project, lending his voice to the Spike Jonze-directed Where the Wild Things Are, based on my favorite book as a kid (what up, Mom!).
  • He didn't win anything, but good to see Tom Hanks presenting with normal hair again.
  • Alan Arkin was only kind of a surprise. Eddie's luck had to run out at some point. But the one I'm still shocked by is The Departed. Best Picture? Really? Babel raised the bar for filmmakers everywhere, and then it got snubbed. I'm actually kind of pissed about how that went down.

What'd you think?

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