Felicity Jones, GQ Magazine

Mark Abrahams/GQ

Felicity Jones knows a lot of people perceive her to be a bit on the nerdy side. After all, she ended up going to Oxford University for college.

But in the new issue of GQ magazine, the 31-year-old is heating things up thanks to a few pieces of lingerie!

The Theory of Everything star strips down for her photoshoot to a beautiful baby blue outfit that easily reveals a whole lot of cleavage. She also does a few seductive poses while lying down on a bed.

If you're a guy and you like what you see, Jones has a few rules she lives by when it comes to eligible bachelors.

"I don't know if Woody Allen is the best example of how to act as a guy," she told the magazine in a taped Q&A after citing Annie Hall as her favorite romantic movie of all time. "Maybe the opposite of that is the way to be....[like] Paul Newman in any film. If a guy can be like that, that's pretty cool."

For the record, Jones is currently in a long-term relationship. But when later asked if going to the movies is a good first date, she happily shared her perspective.

"If you go and see a film on a first date, I guess it could be bonding," she admitted. "If you're both in tears, then maybe you're being vulnerable with each other and that's a good thing."

Just a warning happy couples: Her latest movie titled The Theory of Everything is quite the inspirational story.

Looking ahead, Jones has her eyes set on a more light-hearted role. When GQ asked her about the rumors that she might be portraying Amazing Spider-Man's Black Cat, the actress quickly shared her enthusiasm for the opportunity.

"Being vacuum-packed into a leather suit, doing backflips?!" she asked. "I'd love that. Can you start a petition for me?"

Looks like somebody is very interested! 

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