Ashlee Simpson

Marion Curtis/Starpix

Ashlee Simpson has been busy promoting her new album, Bittersweet World. Last night, she was at Marquee in New York, where she actually tried to sing live. On the playlist? "L.O.V.E., " from her last album, along with three new songs, including "Boys," which features these lyrics for you to ponder: "Use your head/ but not that one/ one-track mind!"

Pete Wentz

John Sciulli/

Surely she wasn't talking about her boy-toy, Pete Wentz, whose pantsless pics infamously made their way onto the Internet a while back. Pete was on hand to support Ash at a Caribou Iced Coffee-sponsored event, and the flat-ironed duo were "very affectionate." Big surprise.

As for the crowd, my source says they weren't really feeling it. "People enjoyed 'L.O.V.E.' but not so much the new stuff. She tried to perform the heck out of it, and she was decent...not stellar."

She totally should have done "Little Miss Obsessive" instead, which is much better than her first single. Listen for yourself, and give me your two cents on Ash's new tunes.

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