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    Nick Hogan Crash Drives Lawsuit

    Hulk Hogan and his wife helped fuel their teen son's need for speed.    

    So says a civil lawsuit filed Monday in Florida on behalf of the young man seriously injured last year when Nick Hogan smashed his allegedly souped-up Toyota Supra into a palm tree.  

    Hogan Knows Best costars and relations Hulk Hogan, wife Linda Hogan and son Nick Hogan are all listed as defendants by their given names—Terry Bollea, Linda Bollea and Nicholas Bollea, respectively. (View the lawsuit.)  

    Also named is Daniel Jacobs, a friend of Nick Hogan and the driver of a Dodge Viper that was engaged in "light to light racing" with the younger Hogan's Supra, as the suit charges, on the night of the Aug. 26, 2007, crash. 

    A message left with Hulk Hogan's publicist was not immediately returned Monday. 

    An attorney for the guardian of John Graziano, the 23-year-old Iraq War vet left on a ventilator as a result of the accident, told E! News that the lawsuit was about, in part, holding Nick Hogan's parents accountable for their son's "reckless and negligent" driving.  

    "They not only encouraged it," Kimberly Kohn said, "but they did not take appropriate action to stop it and to protect the safety of the public." 

    The lawsuit runs through a history of Nick Hogan's driving career, from the day he got his license in 2005, to the two times he was pulled over in 2006 for allegedly blowing past 100 mph, to the three speeding tickets he rated in 2007.  

    It alleges Nick Hogan wasn't just a regular lead foot; it alleges he was a drift racer, a sideways-speeding driver right out of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The lawsuit takes Linda Hogan to task for, among other things, encouraging street racing. 

    "Oh, I love it. I love it," Linda Hogan once said as her son looked on, the lawsuit claims. "The rush, the speed on the road, stereo-blasting, heart-pounding, racing in between all the cars, dodging the cops. It's awesome."  

    Hulk Hogan, the family's former pro wrestling star, is called out for, among several things, owning or co-owning the two cars involved in the crash, and buying alcohol that his son allegedly drank on the day of the crash. The lawsuit also claims Hulk Hogan knew, or should have known, that his 1998 Supra had been "modified" so as to make it "exceedingly dangerous instrumentality for his son."  

    The lawsuit modestly says it seeks damages "that exceed $15,000."  

    In December, four months after the accident, Graziano's mother told local Tampa Bay, Florida, media that her son, who sustained serious head injuries, was unable to speak and unable breathe on his own. She described him as being in a semiconscious state. That same month, a court declared the young man incapacitated.  

    Graziano was a friend of Nick Hogan and was a passenger in the Supra. 

    Since the crash, Graziano has remained hospitalized, while the Hogans have remained in the news, making the wrong kind of headlines. 

    Last Nov. 7, Nick Hogan, 17, was arrested in connection with the accident and was charged with several felony counts, including driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.02 percent or higher.

    About two weeks later, Hulk and Linda Hogan's marriage of 24 years was bodyslammed when Linda Hogan filed for divorce.  

    The 54-year-old Hulk Hogan did spend this past winter back in prime time via American Gladiators, but he also spent a lot of time wrangling with Linda Hogan in what has turned into a nasty split.