Hello Kitty Doll

This is an outrage—a Hello Kitty cat-astrophe, if you will.

Just yesterday we got wind that we'd been seriously mislead for most of our lives after University of Hawaii anthropologist Christine R. Yano explained that Hello Kitty is actually a little girl and not of the feline persuasion.

We took the news hard, you guys. We went through all the feelings, all the stages of grief, and cuddled up to our Hello Kitty snuggie while we sobbed into a slumber.

OK, so we didn't take it that far. But it got so dark that we had to call nearly everyone we knew to make sure that everyone was as up in arms as we were. There's just no way! How could this be?! But she has fur, right?!

Adults and children alike were equally as distraught over the bombshell. Don't believe us? Just take a look at Gracie Guy and Gabriella Small, two adorable British girls who have just been informed that one of their favorite toys is an outright imposter.

After they were given a brief (maybe not-so-brief because this is a big deal) moment to digest the news, here's how they reacted…

Gracie instantly dismissed the revelation, telling the camera, "I think she's a kitty 'cause she's got whiskers, but I don't get it 'cause she wears clothes."

Her friend Gabriella was then asked if she thought Hello Kitty was a girl, to which she immediately responded, "No way! She has ears on the top of her head."

Facts are facts, people! We don't care what anyone says, she'll always be a cat to us.

Tell us how you're dealing with yesterday's life-shattering news in the comments section below. All love, no judgment!

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