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Mom Creates App That Forces Children to Respond to Their Parents' Calls and Texts

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For all you moms out there whose teenagers won't text you back…There's an app for that! And for all of you teenagers who just refuse to text back your mom because she's uncool and annoying…You're screwed.

Texas mom Sharon Standifird got tired of her son not answering her messages, so she created an app that is bound to have teenagers saying, "Mom, you're literally ruining my life!" It gives parents the prerogative of locking their children's phone and only giving them access to a few emergency numbers. It's called Ignore No More and it's every rebellious teenager's nightmare.

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Ignore No More YouTube

"If your children ignore your repeated calls and text messages to reach them, you simply lock their phones until they call you back," reads the app's description.

Standifird has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and served in the Gulf War. If she were our mother, we would not be messing around. Is it really that surprising she became determined to make an app and then succeeded? No, no it's not. Because she's a boss.

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Standifird says the app works by using a four-digit password that allows the parent device to lock and unlock the children's phones. The child still has access to 911 and a few parent-selected numbers whom they can call to receive the unlock code. Standifird said she created the app when her son's unresponsiveness "went from a frustration to a worry."

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Bradley Standifird, Sharon Standifird's son, said he "thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me."

Ignore No More YouTube

Luckily for Bradley, he seems to be in the doghouse no more. His mother admits he's been returning her calls and texts in a much more timely manner.

If you're a teenager with an iPhone, you're in luck because the app is only available for Android devices. However, Standifird says they are readying a version for the iPhone, so you won't be able to get off scot-free for long. Prepare yourselves.

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