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This 5-Year-Old Girl Raised More Than $7,000 to Take Her Terminally Ill Father to Disneyland

Ruby Myles Disneyland Trip Facebook

Last week, Ruby Myles found out her father Damian Myles' cancer was terminal and that he would pass away soon. So Ruby decided right away to plan one last magical trip with her daddy. The place? Disneyland, of course! All she needed was the funds for their trip.

And that's when their hometown of Southport, England stepped in. When Annie McTaggart, who owns the local pub The Wellington, found out about Ruby's mission to take her dad to Disneyland in Paris before he died, she helped organize a fundraiser for them. The people of Southport raised £4,130 (almost $7,000 USD) to make the trip possible, and Annie even arranged to have a special Disney princess party at The Wellington to tell Ruby the good news.

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Ruby Myles Disneyland Trip Facebook

"The day was just so emotional. They are such a lovely family and Damian is one of the nicest men you can meet," Annie told local reporters. "Ruby had come downstairs one morning and said, 'Daddy, I am taking you to Disneyland before the angels come for you.' When I gave her the tickets she said, 'Does this mean I can take my daddy to Disneyland?' It was overwhelming."

Part of Your World Princesses sent Ruby's favorite Disney characters (Cinderella and Aurora) to sing to her and tell her that she would be going on a weeklong trip to Disneyland with her family. 

Ruby Myles Disneyland Trip Facebook

"I think everyone had a tear in their eye when Ruby came out and saw the princesses. She just burst into tears, it was so moving," said Mike from Part of Your World Princesses. "We do about 20 parties every weekend, but to be part of something like this makes it all worthwhile."

We doubt you can still read these words as you are probably crying pretty hard like we were when we first heard Ruby's story, but once you wipe them away you'll be happy to know that the community is still raising money for the family for a trust fund for Ruby.

You can watch Ruby's big princess surprise in the video below:

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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