Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, and Scarlett Johansson are three examples of celebrities who got pregnant before tying the knot. On CBS' The Talk Thursday, the five co-hosts debated the "trend" and shared their support—and concerns—for everyday women who decide to have children on their own.

"I think today that women are more independent," the always outspoken Sharon Osbourne said. "Most women earn their own money, and these women that we're talking about, they have huge careers. They have busy lives. It's different. It's a whole different issue than what it was even 20 years ago."

"Listen, it's an individual basis," she said. "What's good for one isn't good for another. It's all individual."

The 61-year-old TV personality then joked, "However, if my girls come home pregnant, that's it!"

Aisha Tyler, who's been open about her infertility struggles, offered a similar perspective. "Marriages dissolve. Parenthood never ends. So, that's really the biggest commitment of all. You're committed to that child for the rest of your life," she said. "The love for a child is something that can endure anything."

When guest Zoe Saldana joined the women at the table, co-host Sara Gilbert asked the pregnant actress to weigh in. "I think it's important to remember that God gave us a will, or the universe gave us the right to choose what is right for us," she said. "I've been a witness and I was also a product of a very painful marriage of people that loved each other but just couldn't make things work between them. Once they decided to separate they were the most parents and the most amazing and happy people apart."

"Sometimes people get married for all the wrong reasons," Saldana said. "I say wait if you want to believe in marriage and do it right. Be happy and try to make it work and if it's not, have kids. It's great!"

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