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Courtesy: CBS

It's always nice to have some spare change around the house, but this is more than anyone could ever bargain for!

An insurance company settled a lawsuit with a Los Angeles man this month by rewarding him more than $21,000.

Unfortunately, 76-year-old Andres Carrasco received his settlement in buckets full of quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies.

"There's maybe 17 buckets of coins," the elderly man's attorney, Antonio Gallo, told reporters. "They probably each weigh anywhere between 70 to 100 pounds. I'm assuming, because I can't lift them." 

We can only imagine how it feels for Carrasco, who filed the lawsuit back in 2012.

"It's insulting to my client. He's 76 years old…Come on," Gallo said. "He feels that he wasn't treated as a human being."

Although the company in question, Adriana's Insurance Services, has remained quiet on the issue, Gallo hopes they will issue his client a check ASAP. 

"It's going to take us at least, conservatively, one week to count that whole amount of money," Gallo told KCBS Los Angeles

And if the whole settlement isn't counted for, Gallo is prepared to head back to court…again. 

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