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An Australian Couple Abandoned Their Baby with Down Syndrome, So the Internet Stepped In

Hope for Gammy

And the Most Terrible Human Beings in the World award goes to…one unnamed Australian couple.

Gammy is a six-month-old Thai baby with Down syndrome and a congenital heart condition. His biological parents abandoned him and took his healthy twin, leaving Gammy with his surrogate mother who birthed him.

Pattharamon Janbua, 21, was reportedly paid more than $12,000 to carry a child for the Australian couple, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

It was later discovered Januba was carrying twins, one of which would be born with Down syndrome. According to the Herald, the Australian couple said they wouldn't take the baby and reportedly asked Januba to have an abortion, but she refused because of her Buddhist beliefs.

Hope for Gammy

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Januba agreed to the surrogacy because of her difficult financial situation. Little did she know she would be raising a child in need of immense amounts of medical attention. 

Left in Bangkok with the critically ill baby, Januba reached out for help from several Thai charities and things took off from there. The news of the child's abandonment spread across Australia and the good people of the Internet took things into their own hands, raising more than $100,000 thus far on a page called "Hope for Gammy."

Many of the contributors are surrogate parents themselves or parents who had children of their own via surrogacy. Many donors are also parents of twins, saying they cannot imagine leaving one behind. The two largest donations are for $3,000 each. One donor is anonymous and the other is a doctor who specializes in in vitro fertilization (IVF).

After questions were raised as to how the money would be distributed, a fundraiser spokesperson told Buzzfeed that a trust fund will be established and they "are working with two Thai charities who are well known and trusted".

Hope for Gammy

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Surrogacy programs are banned in Australia and there have been attempts from authorities trying to crack down on the largely unregulated surrogacy market in Thailand. Januba has warned other Thai mothers looking to make money via commercial surrogacy, saying there may not be any assistance if something goes wrong. 

Don't get her wrong; Januba is taking the experience in stride, saying: "I think this is not a bad karma ... it's good karma that make us be together."

Hope for Gammy

We've never wanted to hug someone more than we want to hug Ms. Januba right now. The woman deserves a medal, at the very least.

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