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    Kim Kardashian Sunbathes Topless and Flashes Booty in Revealing Yellow Bikini Bottoms—See the Pic!

    Kim Kardashian, Instagram Instagram

    Kim Kardashian is livin' the life. The topless, booty-baring life, that is.

    The brunette beauty shared a candid photo of herself and pal Joe Francis' pregnant girlfriend Abbey Wilson each showing off their greatest curves—Wilson's being her growing (and bare) baby bump that's currently housing twin baby girls and Kim's being, of course, her booty.

    "#OurLovelyLadyLumps," Kim jokingly captioned the picture.

    While vacationing in Mexico, the duo opted to soak in the sun's rays while enjoying the beautiful weather. Kim turned over on her stomach to get a little sunkissed on her backside, and also chose to take off her top to avoid that pesky tan line on her back.

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    Kim Kardashian, Instagram Instagram

    It's no surprise that Kim is gorgeous and has an enviable figure (please refer to the above photo for further evidence), but it turns out an apparent Kim fan has recently spent some serious moolah to make herself look like the E! star.

    We recently reported about London resident Claire Leeson, who has spent almost £20,000 (more than $30,000) in plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements in an effort to look more like her idol, Kim K. The 24-year-old told This Morning that part of the reason she wanted to resemble Kim so badly was because she was bullied so much in school.

    Claire has had a boob job, teeth whitening, hair extensions and dropped thousands on spray tans, clothing, make-up as well as a special pad for her butt to give her derriere the Kim lift. However, Claire says the pad is a temporary fix and she hopes to soon have fat removed from other parts of her body and implanted into her butt.

    Can't neglect the butt. Obviously.

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