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Watch Germany's Soccer Team Unveil the World Cup Trophy With Fabulous Choreographed Dances

Germany, World Cup, Celebration Markus Gilliar/Getty Images

Everyone knows it's not really a celebration unless someone is dancing like a complete fool. We're looking at you, Becky. How many weddings do you have to get thrown out of before you realize no one wants to watch you drunkenly attempt a choreograph dance to Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing?"

But if you just won the biggest sporting event in the world, then you are definitely allowed to show off a bit, which is exactly what Germany's World Cup team did when they arrived back home to thousands of fans ready to celebrate the victory.

But the team didn't just walk out humbly waving like a pageant queen. Hell, no. These guys had routines. They had pizzazz. They had choreographed moves to execute. And it was amazing.

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First they did the Dribbling With Zero Balls:

Then the one we like to call Hit 'Em High and Hit 'Em Low:

Everyone is familiar with the Whatchu Know About That?! move:

And finally, the big reveal of the World Cup trophy, a moment they milked for all it was worth to perfect the dramatic ambience:

You can watch more footage of the big parade (and hot soccer studs dancing!) in Berlin below:

Congrats, Germany!

Germany, World Cup, Celebration Markus Gilliar/Getty Images

We'll see you again in four years.

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