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    Jerry Seinfeld Models for Rag & Bone—See the Pics!

    Jerry Seinfeld, Rag & Bone Andreas Laszlo Konrath/Rag & Bone

    Nothing can beat George Costanza's velvet sweatsuit, but Jerry Seinfeld's new threads make him look pretty darn dapper, too!

    The 60-year-old comedian recently made his modeling debut wearing Rag & Bone's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, and as you can see, he's left his trademark "normcore" style back in the '90s!

    These days, the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee host is right on trend. His sitcom character wouldn't have worn a sleek black shirt and pinstripe pants, but the real Jerry certainly looks good in them! Wife Jessica Seinfeld was pleased with her hubby's new portraits, shot by photographer Andreas Laszlo Konrath for Rag & Bone, calling the look "HOT" in an Instagram post.

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    Jerry Seinfeld, Rag & Bone Andreas Laszlo Konrath/Rag & Bone

    Don't discount Jerry's simple Seinfeld style, though! Those stonewashed dad jeans, uber-white sneakers and non-ironic T-shirts are having a resurgence of sorts in the "normcore" trend, which the New York Times defines as a 2014 fashion movement "in which scruffy young urbanities swear off the tired street-style cliches of the last favor of a less ironic (but still pretty ironic) embrace of bland, suburban anti-fashion attire."

    In other words, hipsters are trading their Chuck Taylors for Birkenstocks and '80s-looking backpacks for fanny packs. And now that "normcore" poster boy Jerry is publicly embracing the styles of 2015, the I-need-to-stand-out crew might go even further with the '90s suburbanite fashions.

    First one to wear a puffy white shirt wins!

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