Two ankle biters is plenty for Gwyneth Paltrow. At least for now.

In an interview with W magazine, the Oscar-owning actress says that she and her easy-rocking husband Chris Martin are perfectly content with their Apple and Moses and aren't yet ready for some brood building.

"I have a dream version where I think, maybe in four years I'll have two in a row really quickly again—how fabulous to have a whole bunch of them!" she says in the magazine's September issue. "But then at that point, when everyone's potty-trained and sleeping through the night, are you really going to go back?"

Paltrow says that rather than just doing mommy duty, she's looking forward to getting back to her old day job. She's done small parts since having Apple in 2004, but has two starring roles in the can. The romantic comedy The Good Night, which is helmed by brother Jake Paltrow, will hit theaters in September, and the superhero caper Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr., is due out in the spring.

"It's been a long time since I've done a big part in a movie, and I'm very excited about work now," she says.

Still, the Shakespeare in Love star says she's "open for anything" in the future when it comes to her family and is even considering adoption, something her Coldplay crooner mister "really wants" to do.

Paltrow, 34, was photographed for the magazine, featuring trendy dark eyebrows and sporting crutches and a cane in some of the shots, real-life prop she's had to rely on as she recovers from knee surgery. She says she "bashed it on some furniture" at Steven Spielberg's home over Memorial Day. "The kids were sitting on stools with legs that sort of protracted out," she explains. "I turned to do something and I just whacked it.

"I always try to do everything all at once, and to do it perfectly," she continues about her injury. "I think it was the universe saying to me, 'Just stop. You don't have to make yourself crazy.' It made me realize that I need to be slightly easier on myself and just be imperfect, or a mess, and it's okay."

Up next for Paltrow is some fall travel to Spain, where she'll be taping a PBS cooking show that she's cohosting with famed chef and pal Mario Batali. "We'll be in a car, road-tripping," she says.

Which sure beats furniture tripping.

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