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    Khloé Kardashian Reveals the Horrifying Truth About Her Marriage to Lamar Odom—See the KUWTK Recap!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian makes a startling confession about her marriage to Lamar Odom, while Bruce Jenner and Brody Jenner butt heads as they prepare for a father-son golf tournament!

    Kourtney Kardashian meets up with sister Khloé for lunch, and Khloé can't stop laughing because the entire left side of Kourtney's face is numb from being at the dentist!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Kourtney mentions that they need to plan a trip to New York soon in order to look at spaces for their new Dash store. Khloé is stressed because she has to be out of her house in just a few days and is planning to stay at Rob Kardashian's house until she figures out her next move.

    Bruce stops by Brody's house to check up on him since Brody never responds to any of Bruce's calls or texts.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Bruce tells Brody about an upcoming father-son golf tournament that he wants to participate in, and Brody agrees to practice with Bruce, thinking it will be a good bonding experience for them both.

    Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are in New York to look for store spaces. Khloé feels sad because everything there reminds her of Lamar.

    In the hotel, Khloé puts on a fake fur coat with an anti-fur message spray painted across the back and freaks Kim out!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    After spending their afternoon looking at spaces. the sisters head back to their hotel and Khloé gets a phone call from Lamar.

    He tells her that he is leaving that night to move to another country to play basketball. Khloé is visibly upset by this because it means she won't get to say goodbye to him. Kim, however, thinks the distance will be good for her sister.

    After returning home to Los Angeles, Khloé vents to Kourtney while cleaning out her closet. There has been a lot of recent press surrounding Lamar's move and he's been telling reporters that he still loves Khloé and that the two of them aren't going through with the divorce.

    Watch the clip to see Khloé reveal a huge marriage bombshell. She knew about Lamar's cheating!

    The entire situation upsets Khloé because none of it is true, in addition to the fact that the things Lamar is saying only get her hopes up.

    While hanging out in Malibu with Brandon Jenner, Bruce mentions that it's been hard to get a hold of Brody, who never returns any of Bruce's calls about getting together to practice for the golf tournament.

    Brandon tells Bruce that's just how Brody is and not to take it personally, but Bruce can't help but be concerned by his younger son's behavior...

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Back at Kris Jenner's house, Khloé decides to throw a spontaneous house party to welcome Kendall Jenner back from her modeling trip.

    Khloé is drinking a lot and acting kind of strange, which others, including Kylie Jenner, notice.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Later, Khloé goes upstairs to talk with Kris about the Lamar situation, and when Kris points out that she still cares for Lamar and hopes that he is doing well, Khloé accuses her of taking his side.

    The next day, Khloé heads to the liquor store with Kourtney and Kim to pick up alcohol for another big party that she's throwing at her house since she only has a couple of days left in it before moving.

    When Kourtney calls Khloé a party girl, Khloé accuses her sister of being judgmental. Kourtney claims that she's only concerned for her sister's well-being, but Khloé isn't having any of it!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    The next day, a frustrated Bruce is patiently waiting at the golf course for Brody to show up.

    After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Bruce is relieve to see Brody finally show up!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Bruce asks Brody if he still wants to do the tournament with him, and although Brody claims that he does, Bruce can't help but feel slightly hurt underneath it all.

    The next day, Brody, Kendall and Brandon go racing together!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    After their race session, Brody checks his phone and is annoyed to find messages from his dad asking if he still wants to do the tournament.

    Brandon offers some brotherly advice and recommends that Brody make more of an effort to hang out with Bruce in order to improve their relationship. Brody knows he has work to do...

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Back at home, Kourtney, Kim and Kris are interrupted by a drunk Khloé!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    When Kris asks Khloé how she's been feeling these past few days, Khloé ignores the question and informs everyone that she's planning to throw another party. It's clear to the others that she's masking her feelings, but will anyone be able to get through to Khloé?

    Brody stops by his dad's house to have a talk with him. Bruce mentions that it's easier to hang out with Brandon, who calls him and visits him more often. Brody points out that his lifestyle is very different from his brother's, but he promises to put in more effort to arrive on time for plans, while Bruce agrees that he needs to lighten up on his end.

    The two hug and agree to put all their energy into having a good time together at the golf tournament!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Later, Bruce stops by to visit Khloé while she and BFF Malika pack up the house. Noticing all the wine glasses in the kitchen, Bruce asks if Khloé has been drinking more lately. She explains that she just had some people over the night before.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    When Bruce asks Khloé how she's been feeling, she explains that she's been more stressed than anything else. Bruce points out that he notices she's been going out and partying a lot more lately and he thinks that she's trying to mask her true feelings.

    He then invites Khloé to come out and live in Malibu with him. When she says no, he tells her that a change would do her good, but Khloé admits that she's afraid of change.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    The following day, Bruce and Brody are ready for their golf tournament with their matching shirts!

    They exchange greetings with NFL player Hank Bassett, who is the tournament founder.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    While they don't end up winning the tournament, Bruce and Brody have a great time and look forward to spending more time together in the future.

    While packing up the house, Khloé makes a shocking discovery: almost all of Lamar's jewelry has been stolen!

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Khloé feels disgusted and doesn't understand why only Lamar's stuff was stolen. She also feels guilty and responsible for allowing this to happen.

    The police show up shortly after and start to take fingerprints...

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    Khloé starts to feel very vulnerable and uncomfortable and starts to question all of the friends that she has over to the house. Kris has a breakdown because it's hard for her to see her daughter in this situation.

    KUWTK Recap, EP 913

    The police inform them that the security footage should be back to them shortly, so all they can do now is wait. Will Khloé be able to catch the culprit?

    Tune-in for a brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians next Sunday at 9/8c on E!

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