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This Girl Accidentally Sent a Nude Pic to Her Dad, and Then She Documented the Aftermath on Twitter

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Nyjah Cousar, Instagram
Nyjah Cousar, Instagram Instagram

A woman named Nyjah Cousar (Twitter handle @dearfashionn) had a very awkward and mortifying situation happening on Tuesday night, so she took to social media for support. And it was a doozy.

Trust us, you'll want to catch up on her dilemma, which will be super-easy to do because she documented the whole damn thing on Twitter.

Her story in seven tweets, if you will:

It started out innocently enough; she wanted to know how to cancel a text message:

We've all been there.

But then she explained why she needed to cancel the message:

We have not been there.

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Nyjah obviously wanted everyone on the Internet to be a part of the aftermath, because she gave Twitter a complete play by play, starting with the response from her father after he got the picture:

Gawwwd, dad! She's already so over accidentally sending you a naked photo of your daughter that was obviously meant for someone else. Jeeeeeez.

Well, at least she learned her lesson. Of course, she did not learn a lesson about keeping her family drama private, because she kept us updated on the situation as it developed:

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Her dad came over to her house to yell at her in person. (Warning: language)

But she wouldn't open the door. So he just screamed through it, dropping knowledge like "It's called Twitter, not Tit-ter!"

Needless to say, he was pissed

You heard him, missy. You're supposed to be at school "taking care of business!"

For the future, you can stop a text message from sending by quickly putting your phone on Airplane Mode and then erasing the text message. You'll be fine.


Oh, and also, don't send nude photos to your dad.

The End.

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