Chrissy Teigen, GQ Mexico

GQ Mexico

All right people, we have an investigation going on here, so we're going to kindly ask you to really put all of your focus on Chrissy Teigen's breasts. Hope that's not an issue.

The sexy model graces the cover of GQ Mexico's July issue, and looks gorgeous as always. Wearing nothing but a pair of blue undies, John Legend's wife is playful and perfect on the cover—except there's something missing. Well, two things if we're being technical.

Unsurprisingly, the topless beauty's cleavage instantly grabs your attention, but if you continue staring at her tatas (don't feel bad, you're not alone), you may find yourself saying, "Wait, where did Chrissy's nipples go?"

Obviously, the magazine isn't going to publish Teigen's nipples on the cover, which is partially why she's strategically placing her arms in a way to keep those bad boys girls covered. And even if there was a little whoopsie, Photoshop would come in to save the day.

But in this case, it just looks odd. This doesn't seem like a mini cover-up, but almost as if the entire things were magically taken off.

To be fair, maybe Teigen really did manage to pose in a way that gives fans a gracious amount of cleav while still keeping what needs to be put away, put away.

And if that's the case—touché, Chrissy!

Do you think this was another case of Photoshop gone wrong? Sound off in the comments!

UPDATE: The model herself has solved the case for us.

"I have no nipples," Teigen joked on Twitter. "I draw them on with sharpies each morning and sometimes I forget."

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