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    Bullock Keeps Alleged Stalker Away

    Leaving woven palm fronds with "weird signs" and "pieces of animal fur" on Sandra Bullock's property was one thing. Attempting to run over her husband in their own driveway was quite another.

    Bullock was granted a three-year restraining order Friday against Marcia Valentine, an obsessed fan she said had visited her home on at least five occasions, leaving behind strange calling cards that neither she nor her neighbor wanted to touch.

    Though she was not required to attend the hearing, Bullock showed up anyway to testify about the deranged woman's behavior, which recently escalated from dropping off creepy objects to allegedly trying to run down the actress' husband, Jesse James, in front of the couple's home.

    Bullock said that James noticed Valentine outside their house on Apr. 22 and went outside to write down her license plate number for police.

    "I saw him go behind her car to get the license number. She got angry," Bullock said Friday.

    In her rage, Valentine allegedly aimed her Mercedes at James and tried to plow him down three or four times, but was unsuccessful and eventually drove away, leaving the Monster Garage host unharmed.

    The next day, police found Valentine in the couple's neighborhood once again and arrested her for attempted assault with a deadly weapon.

    A judge said Friday that he found "clear and convincing evidence" that Valentine was stalking the actress and extended a temporary keep away order previously granted to Bullock for three years.

    Under the terms of the order, Valentine must stay at least 500 yards away from Bullock, James and his three kids from a prior relationship and is forbidden to contact them in any manner. The judge gave the couple permission to record or videotape her if she disobeys the order.

    Valentine did not attend Friday's hearing, nor was she represented by an attorney. A clerk said she had been notified of the proceedings, but did not respond. She remains free on $25,000 bail, pending a May 22 hearing.

    Prosecutors said they were still reviewing the case and had not yet decided whether they would file charges against Valentine.