Marcia Cross just doubled the size of her household.

The Desperate Housewives star and her husband, Tom Mahoney, welcomed fraternal twin girls named Eden and Savannah in Los Angeles Tuesday, Cross' publicist confirmed to E! News.

"Mother and babies are all doing well," the rep said in a statement.

The girls are the first children for Cross and Mahoney, who tied the knot in June 2006. The couple first announced the pregnancy in September and later amended their proclamation to reflect they were expecting twins.

At the time she went public with her pregnancy, Cross said she was due in April 2007, meaning the twins were probably born several weeks early—a common occurrence in multiple births.

Though the 44-year-old actor said in December that her pregnancy had been free of complications, her doctor put her on bed rest last month as a precautionary measure.

Because a nonpregnant Bree Van De Kamp's presence was still required on Wisteria Lane, production of the ABC show was temporarily relocated to Cross' home, where several scenes were filmed in order to wrap up her character's storyline.

Even if she hadn't been confined to bed, Cross would have had to hang up her Desperate housecoat soon anyway, as her swelling belly had become impossible to hide on camera.

While Cross admitted to Extra in December that she was initially "really freaked out" and "terrified" to learn she was expecting not one but two babies, her fears soon turned to excitement.

"I won the lottery at my age to have two," Cross said.