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This Is What Disney Characters Would Look Like in the Real World

Disney Characters in the Real World

Have you ever wanted to pull a Disney princess from her fairy-tale world of yesteryear and put her in modern times? If so, Tumblr artist Punziella has reached inside your brain and made your desire a reality with her drawings of some Disney characters (as well as some folks from DreamWorks' gang) in the real world.

And it looks like most of the Disney princesses shop at Forever 21 and/or H&M, just based on their wardrobe.

Elsa from Frozen:

Disney Characters in the Real World

No more sassy braid for our queen. In the real world, Elsa rocks a top knot. Also, would she be the Regina George (aka the queen bee) of Disney High School?...Disney High School? We totally have a great idea for a Disney Channel original movie! 

Anna from Frozen:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Of course Anna has a very colorful sense of fashion. Where can we get that chunky statement necklace?

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Merida from Brave:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Obviously, Merida has a bit of tomboy look to her. Love the plaid shirt wrapped around the waist. Bring back those '90s quirks!

Rapunzel from Tangled:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Rapunzel would definitely be your free-spirited friend in high school. She'd constantly get in trouble for going barefoot and she'd be the one organizing a protest against the school lunches for having no vegan options.

Flynn Rider from Tangled:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Not to be weird, but Rapunzel's boyfriend is really hot in the real world. Flynn would totally be the leather jacket-wearing bad boy your parents warned you about.

Prince Hans from Frozen:

Disney Characters in the Real World

As evil has Hans is, he can certainly pull of a tailored suit. We see that funky pocket square!

Moving on to the DreamWorks Animation characters, who seem more hipster-esque than their Disney counterparts.

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Oh, you're the artsy type, huh, Jack? We bet girls just swoon over your photography habit. You know who would like you most? Rapunzel. And now we have a love triangle between Rapunzel, Flynn and Jack! This Disney High School TV movie is really coming together!

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And it looks like the artist sensed something between Jack and Rapunzel, too, because check out this drawing of those two flirting:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Cute, right? Yes, it's a Frozen quote, but it's still sweet.

Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon:

Disney Characters in the Real World

Astrid, are you wearing crushed velvet?! You are certainly making it work.

You can check out more of Punziella's work at her Tumblr page. She's got GIFs, too! And more Jack Frost and Rapunzel shipping.

(H/T Huffington Post, Buzzfeed)

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