Daniel Baldwin is suddenly in demand. And we're not talking about casting calls.

A Southern California judge issued a $25,000 arrest warrant for the former Homicide detective after he was a no-show for a Tuesday morning arraignment on SUV-stealing charges.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter Polos officially put out the APB at 1:30 p.m., after Baldwin and his attorney failed to inform the court of his absence.

Neither Baldwin nor his attorney could be reached for comment. Risa Lester, Baldwin's business manager, said she "had no idea" of his whereabouts.

Baldwin was arrested Nov. 7 in Santa Monica after police tracked him driving a 2003 white GMC Yukon to a local motel. A friend of the 46-year-old actor living in the city of Alisa Viejo had reported the vehicle stolen two days earlier, and a signal from the SUV's security system led cops straight to the parking lot, where they collared a scruffy-looking Baldwin as he was climbing in.

He was charged with two felony counts of receiving stolen property and unlawfully taking a vehicle, and released on his own recognizance after posting a $20,000 bond.

Although police say they discovered narcotics and drug paraphernalia in his hotel room, Baldwin did not get charged with any drug-related counts.

The actor had been facing a misdemeanor cocaine-possession count in a separate case stemming from an April bust at another Santa Monica hotel.

Police arrested him after the actor, allegedly under the influence of narcotics, threatened a woman.

He was due in court last Thursday for arraignment in that case, but according to Frank Meteljan, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, the hearing was vacated and no charges were filed due to insufficient evidence.

Baldwin also made headlines in July for driving a rented Ford Thunderbird 80 miles per hour through traffic, running a red light and smashing into two parked cars. He was detained for questioning and found to have been driving with a suspended license, but the city attorney's office declined to file misdemeanor charges.

The legal problems, however, haven't stopped him from working.  

Per IMDb, Baldwin appeared in five films in 2006 and has two indies on the way for 2007, including a comedy, Big Deal, with Everwood star Treat Williams and a thriller, The Devil's Dominoes.  

While his current projects seem destined for the remainder bin, Baldwin does have some more mainstream credits to his name, including Attack of the 50-Foot Woman; Car 54, Where Are You?; Mulholland Falls; John Carpenter's Vampires; Trees Lounge; and Paparazzi and roles on such TV shows as Homicide, NYPD Blue and Touched by an Angel.