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Meet Tally, the Husky Dog Who Was Raised by Cats (and Started Acting Like a Cat Herself)

Tally, Husky xlinnea/

Internet, meet Tally. You're going to love her. Why? Because she's a husky (and we know how much you love huskies) who acts like a cat (and we know how much you loooooove cats).

Reddit user DONG_OF_JUSTICE says Tally—who is a mix of husky, malamute and something else—"was raised with cats, and thought she was f--king cat herself." D_O_J's family adopted Tally when she was 2 years old, but her previous owners were the ones with the cats.

Tally, Husky xlinnea/

D_O_J explains, "I was told that they were very mischievous and would bring her along their dastardly escapades together." Which might be why his family eventually nicknamed her Tao Tao, which apparently means "mischievous" in Chinese.

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Tally, Husky xlinnea/

Because of her inner catness, Tally was never too keen on socializing with other dogs. "She's not very interested in interacting with their kind," D_O_J says. "I've brought her to dog parks, and it's pretty funny. She'll walk around sniffing things, while a bunch of dogs are following her and trying to smell her ass. Doesn't even notice them."

Tally, Husky xlinnea/

Unfortunately, D_O_J's family eventually had to give Tally away: "My parents gave her away to some family friends a few years ago," he says. "Because of her extensive shedding and because we couldn't give her the attention she deserved (among other things, she needed at least two 1-1.5hr walks every day)."

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Tally, Husky xlinnea/

But she seems to be adjusting to her new home. "They're treating her excellently and she's happy, so I'm happy," he continued. "She's not the kind of dog that'll get homesick, but she's still super excited when we visit her, which is really cute."

And she never stopped being mischievous: "She's not allowed to go upstairs, but she'll try to sneak up one stair at a time. You can usually tell how badly she wants you to come downstairs by how far she's gone up the stairs. This is about 3/10 urgency."

Tally, Husky xlinnea/

And though her new home doesn't have any cats either (sadly), she never stopped being a cat. "She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day," he says. Yep, sounds like a cat to us.

Check out more pictures of Tally (including tons of puppy pictures!).

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