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    Miley Cyrus Celebrates Mama Tish's 47th Birthday With Shots, Masks & Peace Paint—Watch Now!

    Miley Cyrus' hot mama is 47 years young!

    Tish Cyrus celebrated her birthday Tuesday, partying it up in the U.K. with her twerktastic 21-year-old daughter. Obviously, the Cyrus ladies made a night of it, throwing down birthday shots and selfie-ing it up with "peace paint," animal masks and sparklers!

    The Southern belles first fêted 47 sipping cocktails, Instagramming a cute pre-cheers snap in which the Bangerz beauty quoted big sis Brandi Cyrus, saying, "My mom is hotter than your mom."

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    Soon, though, "peace paint" wasn't quite celebratory enough, so Miley and Tish switched things over to a "peace paint prop party!" Miley wore a pink wig, a sparkly top hat, a bunny mask and supersized pineapple shades as mama Tish tried out a series of animal masks and straw hats.

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    In a video posted by Miley, a server brings Tish a display of "birthday shots" surrounding a flaming sparkler. "I've got to blow that out?" she asks, leaning in closer for a picture.

    She got a little too close, perhaps, and Miley wisely warned her mama, "Don't catch your weave on fire!"

    Tish, somewhat alarmed, heeded her daughter's warning, exclaiming, "Oh, gosh!"

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    Fortunately,  no one's hair went up in flames and the whole shebang was a big success. "Love you @mileycyrus," Tish posted at the end of the night, "Thank you for the best Birthday Night Ever!!"

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