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This Iraq Veteran Reuniting With His Former Bomb-Sniffing Military Dog Will Make You Happy Cry

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog YouTube

We love any video of soldiers reuniting with their loved ones. But if we had to pick—and this is a personal preference here—our favorite are videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs. They get us every time.

This is Sgt. Jason Bos.

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog Chicago Tribune

He served multiple deployments in Iraq, but had to retire in 2012 due to a back injury.

And this is MWD (Military Working Dog) Cila M389 aka CiCi.

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog Chicago Tribune

CiCi is a bomb-sniffing dog. For five years, they worked together, training for months and then shipping overseas in 2008 to search for roadside bombs and hidden weapons, before returning to the U.S. to screen sites for presidential visits.

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog Chicago Tribune

"They tell you not to get too attached, that they're not a pet, they're a tool to help keep people safe," Bos told The Chicago Tribune. "But it's hard." So when he retired, CiCi continued working and the two were separated.

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"I was a little emotional about it, because I really didn't know if I was ever going to see her again," he explained. "Honestly, it wasn't even a 50-50 chance, it was maybe a 10 percent chance that I'd ever see her again."

But when he found out that CiCi was retiring this year, Bos worked with the American Humane Association and Mission Canine Rescue to adopt her. "I hope she remembers my voice," he said the day before he picked her up from the airport.

It's hard to tell who was more excited about their reunion. Bos...

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog Chicago Tribune

...or CiCi.

Sgt. Jason Bos, Military Dog Chicago Tribune

"Her whole life has been about working. Now it's time for her to worry about just relaxing," Bos said, noting that CiCi will get a prime sleeping spot on the couch. As for what having her back in his life means to him, Bos says, "It means everything to me."

Watch their reunion now and try not to tear up. We dare you.

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