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Frozen and The Lion King Might Actually Be the Same Movie, and Here's the Proof

Simba, The Lion King, Elsa, Frozen Disney

Hello, Disney fans! And welcome back to yet another edition of…OK, we don't have name for it quite yet, but we're talking Disney theories again!

So Tumblr user marauders4evr made a very astute observation regarding Frozen and The Lion King, and the observation is that they're essentially the exact same movie. One could argue that all Disney movies are similar: there is usually a princess, a funny sidekick, a villain, a conflict and then a happy ending. True, but Frozen and The Lion King are very similar in more than just the typical Disney style.

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The evidence:

1. Both movies open with a very cheery, chant-like song and it serves to introduce viewers to the vibe of the movie's setting. In this case, the fictional kingdom of Arrendale:

And the African savannah:

2. There is a royal family:

Frozen, Lion King Disney

3. And very adorable children:

Frozen, Lion King Disney

4. And their worlds are flipped upside down when tragedy hits the family. We won't tell you which tragedy made us cry more, but we think we're all on the same page with that one...

Frozen, Lion King Disney

Mufasa, noooooo!

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5. Both main characters run away from their problems after said tragedy...

Frozen, Lion King Disney

6. ...which leads to a song about finally being free, letting go and having no more worries. You might have heard the one from Frozen a couple times thousand times:

And The Lion King has its own "worry-free philosophy":

7. But of course their home is falling apart, what with a world in deep snow and hyenas running wild. And speaking of, each movie has its own villain who desperately wants to be king:

Frozen, Lion King Disney

8. And these evil villains? Well, they know just what to say to make our hero feel horrible about their past actions:

Frozen, Lion King Disney

"You killed your sister!" "You killed your father!"

Frozen, Lion King Disney

That's the sound of hearts shattering everywhere.

9. But our heroes eventually return home to make things right.

Frozen, Lion King Disney

10. And their home returns to normal and everyone lives happily ever after!

So what did we learn today, gang? Mostly nothing, except that we love Disney and watching the ending of The Lion King can still make us cry even though we are pushing 30.

See you guys next time for another edition of...damn. We still don't have a name for it.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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