If this doesn't inspire Naomi Campbell to pare down her household staff, we give up.

One of the British supermodel's many ex-employees has filed a second lawsuit against her former boss, tacking verbal abuse and defamation onto her already lengthy list of grievances.

Gaby Gibson, who worked as Campbell's maid from November 2005 through January 2006, stated in papers filed Tuesday in New York that the short-tempered beauty is a "violent super-bigot" who "subjected Gibson to repeated discriminatory assaults based on her national origin."

Remarks Campbell allegedly made include "When will you learn English?" (Gibson speaks with an accent); "Are all the women in Romania as pathetic as you?"; "Romanians are not usually as dumb as you"; and—the least geographically accurate, anyway—"You are not in the Third World anymore, stupid."

Gibson originally sued Campbell in June for employment discrimination, civil assault and battery and personal injury, saying the cover girl smacked her, called her names and threatened to have her arrested for stealing when a pair of Campbell's jeans went missing.

That first lawsuit, according to Campbell's attorney, David Breitbart, was dismissed when Gibson's lawyer, Lambros Lambrou, missed a deadline to file some required paperwork.

But Gibson is sticking by her story nonetheless.

"As Gibson was bent over searching the closet for the Stella McCartney jeans, Campbell either kicked or punched the back of Gibson's head during the assault while yelling discriminatory comments at Gibson," lawsuit number two states.

Lambrou said that they refiled to add defendants and allegations. This time around, Gibson is also going after four companies owned by Campbell, as well as the model's former publicist, Amanda Silverman.

Gibson alleges in her complaint that Silverman "knowingly and intentionally disseminated false and defamatory statements against Gibson worldwide," damaging her reputation in the process.

Breitbart denied the charges to the Associated Press and said he would comment when the time was right—adding that, as far as he knew, Campbell's employees were under contract to keep their grievances confidential and settle them through arbitration, rather than through the courts.

Meanwhile, visions of plea agreements are dancing in Breitbart's head.

Campbell is scheduled to appear Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court to answer to charges that she thwacked another ex-housekeeper in the back of the head with a cell phone.

Ana Scolavino allegedly caught the brunt of Campbell's rage in March when the two were arguing over—what else?—a missing pair of jeans. Scolavino said she suffered a cut that required four staples to close.

Campbell is looking at deportation and up to seven years in prison if convicted on all charges. Breitbart told the AP that he's considering accepting a plea deal from the Manhattan court, but he wouldn't elaborate on what it entailed.

Coincidentally, Gibson's first lawsuit was also filed on a day preceding one in which Campbell was expected in court on the Scolavino charges.

Then again, you could probably find something significant in connection with all the dates in which Campbell has been mentioned in a court filing.

The runway maven was sued again in July by a former assistant who worked with Campbell for five months in 2005. Amanda Brack of Fort Lauderdale accused her ex-employer of assault, battery, infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Campbell's onetime administrative assistant Simone Craig filed suit against her in 2003, alleging she had smacked Craig with her purported weapon of choice—a telephone.

In 2000 Campbell pleaded guilty to hitting her erstwhile personal assistant Georgina Galani on the head—twice—with a phone, and paid out an undisclosed sum.

Somewhere, Alexander Graham Bell is confused.

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