A sad turn of events for Pamela Anderson.

The buxom blonde has suffered a miscarriage, her representative confirmed.

Anderson, 39,  reportedly lost the pregnancy last week in Vancouver, where she is on location filming the comedy Blonde and Blonder with Denise Richards.

Her rep, Tracy Nguyen, issued a statement asking that "everyone respect her privacy during this difficult time."

Anderson wed Kid Rock (real name: Bob Ritchie)—multiple times—earlier this year. She recently told People that they were open to having kids together, but "not yet."

In a Sept. 16 posting to her official Website, Anderson wrote, "Not pregnant yet. But we have consummated the marriage!"

(Thanks for sharing, Pam. We think.)

The former Baywatch babe has two sons, 10-year-old Brandon and eight-year-old Dylan, from her marriage(s) to Tommy Lee. Rock has a 16-year-old son, Robert James Ritchie Jr.

According to an anonymous source quoted by Us Weekly, Anderson isn't giving up on her hope of having a child with Rock.

“She will keep trying. She really wants another baby with Bob,” the source said.

Anderson can currently be seen in the country's most buzzed-about movie, Borat. Though the actress appears horrified by what happens to her in the film (which we won't reveal for the two of you who have yet to see it), the New York Post reports that she was actually in on the joke.

Though neither the film's producers nor Sacha Baron Cohen will confirm that Anderson was in the know about her scene, she seemed to allude to as much in a posting on her Website.

"People are so shocked that I was acting in film—ha. Of course Sasha [sic] and I planned this years ago," Anderson wrote.

Meanwhile, Anderson also announced that she has shuttered her online gambling site, PamelaPoker.com, due to legal concerns.

"Poker site should have been shut down last month. I have nothing to do with it anymore," she wrote on her Website.

Anderson started up the site last summer, and used its launch party as the forum at which to announce her then-pending nuptials to Rock.

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