Slumber party rules apply to girls of all ages—just ask Cameron Diaz!

On Wednesday's Tonight Show, the Other Woman star laughed with Jimmy Fallon about the time she "pranked" his baby Winnie because "she fell asleep first" at a sleepover.

"You put her hand in a cup of warm water," the late-night host said through giggles, "and it's not funny 'cause she peed her diaper! It was embarrassing!"

"That's what happens if you fall asleep first at the party," Cameron shrugged unapologetically. "She fell asleep first—this is a right of passage!"

Cameron Diaz, Winnie, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


But little Winnie, who was just 6 weeks old when Cam played her little joke, will soon be in good company. The Body Book author is heading back to California to meet BFF Drew Barrymore's newborn daughter Frankie Barrymore Kopelman this weekend, and it seems she's in for the same fate!

"I'm gonna initiate her," Cameron said. "She's getting jumped in! We're gonna do the same thing."

Really, though, she can't wait" to meet lil' Frankie, gushing to Jimmy, "I feel like I know her already!"

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