Marc Cherry just found out it's going to be even harder than he thought it would be to conceal Marcia Cross' pregnancy this season.

Cross' publicist told E! News Thursday that the Desperate Housewives star and husband Tom Mahoney are going to have twins. The couple, who tied the knot in June, announced they were expecting early last month.

Despite Eva Longoria's premature tip that Cross' pregnancy would be written into the ABC series, Desperate producers have said that Bree Van De Kamp will still be fitting into her perfect little outfits all year.

(In theory--obviously Cross will either be taking a break from the set or will end up spending a lot of time in billowy blouses, sitting down or carrying things.)

Turns out that Cross herself would prefer it if Bree started living in the real world for once. Cherry, the show's creator, told the Associated Press that the 45-year-old actress wants to share her condition with the newly in love control freak she plays on TV.

Cherry is "toying with the idea" but "might not be able to do it" because so much has already been mapped out for the characters this year. "You hate to go back and pull the threads," he said.

"The odds are unlikely at this point that the character of Bree would get pregnant. But, you never know."

Cross is due in April, just in time for sweeps in case Cherry changes his mind. Or if Bree and Orson forget to use protection.

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