Who knew, but the kids are apparently clamoring for the K-Fed.

Mr. Britney Spears is set to take the stage at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, marking his musical debut on network television.

The artist otherwise known as Kevin Federline has been tapped as the closing act for Fox youth-centric award show, airing Aug. 20 and hosted by Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook.

Federline is slated to perform the song "Lose Control," due to be the first single off his long-threatened forthcoming album, Playing with Fire, the network announced Wednesday.

The first legitimate single, at least.

The 28-year-old aspiring rapper recently claimed that his much-maligned debut single, "PopoZao," was released as "a joke" and was simply designed to attract visitors to his MySpace Website and spark media interest in his album, due out this August.

"At first, when I put out 'PopoZao,' people were kinda laughing at me," he said earlier this month. "I did it on purpose so people would look at me exactly the way they did. That way, when I come out with my real s--t, people are f---ing blown away."

Joke or not, the track was definitely a doozy of a publicity generator, drawing more than 2 million visitors, per Federline's count, to his site.

The track also resulted in a news special on MTV, Kevin Federline: The Luckiest Man Alive, in which the former backup dancer was seen groovin' and lip-synching along to his song, prompting the erstwhile performer to declare that the track was, without a hint of irony, "brilliant," and that Spears "loved it."

For those keeping score at home, K-Fed has foisted two other tracks on the world.

In November 2005, he released a clip from the rap track "Y'All Ain't Ready" via KevinFederline.com. And indeed, we all were not.

The tune generated plenty of giggles, especially for his malapropism of "pavarottis" in place of "paparazzi."

Which, if recent confessions are to be taken seriously, may have been his plan in the first place.

Then came his opus "America's Most Hated" in the spring, which immediately prompted a lawsuit threat by '80s pop star Thomas Dolby for allegedly sampling "She Blinded Me With Science" sans permission. Federline reposted the song to his MySpace site a week later after removing the pilfered hook.

In addition to his upcoming live performance, a booking that, if nothing else, pretty much guarantees a Spears appearance at the award show, the soon-to-be four-time father is also up for an award for, get this, Choice Red Carpet Style--Male.

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