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    Is Drake's New Song "Days In The East" About Rihanna? Here Are 6 Signs!

    Rihanna, Drake, Take Care

    Drake has dropped his latest, sure-to-be hit tune. And we're almost willing to bet Rihanna served as the inspiration.

    The are-they-or-aren't-they duo has been the subject of romance speculation for some time, and after Drake released his latest single "Days In The East" fans immediately began speculating that the song is about the 26-year-old pop star.

    With just one look at the lyrics it's easy to see why fans are quick to think of RiRi while streaming the new tune. So let's break it down since these two love to keep us guessing!

    PHOTO: Rihanna and Drake enjoy dinner date in Amsterdam

    Lyric: "Why you keep asking me about her? She's not here right now, she's not here right now"

    Possible RiRi Reference: Drake has been asked about his rumored romance with Rihanna on a number of recent occasions, including an interview with Rolling Stone in which he called the "Diamonds" singer the "ultimate fantasy."

    "I mean, I think about it. Like, 'Man that would be good.' We have fun together. She's cool and s--t.  But we're just friends," the former Degrassi star, 27, said of the superstar. "That's my dog for life."

    PHOTO: Rihanna and Drake hold hands after leaving London night club

    Drake, Rihanna Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Lyric: "Waitin' on you to give in and hit me up/So I could fall through like old times and hit it up"

    Possible RiRi Reference: Drake and Rihanna used to date.

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    Lyric: "I'm terrible at invitin' myself, call me over/Those nights when you need someone else call me over/You can be the one to take control call me over/When I get there, you already know, call me"

    Possible RiRi Reference: As we already know, Rihanna is the "ultimate fantasy."

    Rihanna, Karl Lagerfeld Pascal Le Segretain/WireImage

    Lyric: "You go to Chanel and get rewards already"

    Possible RiRi Reference: Remember when Rihanna attended the Chanel fashion show during Paris Fashion Week?

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    Rihanna, Chris Brown, Twit Pic Instagram

    Lyric: "Told you about givin' him chances on chances on chances/He's not holdin' you down, he's holdin' you back"

    Possible RiRi Reference: Drake is seemingly referring to the singer's tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown.

    Drake, Rihanna XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM

    Lyric: "Waking up in Amsterdam with the boy/Long flight home, another xan for your boy"

    Possible RiRi Reference: Rihanna recently traveled to Amsterdam and London with Drake while he was on tour and the two were even spotted holding hands.

    What do you think of Drake's latest tune? Do you think it's about Rihanna? Tell us in the comments!

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