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    Ex-Hubby's Book Gets Under J.Lo's Skin

    Ojani Noa hasn't had Jennifer Lopez's love for a long time, but that hasn't stopped him from declaring himself an expert on the subject.

    A tell-all book that J.Lo's first husband is supposedly planning to write will describe in minute detail what he refers to as the couple's first sexual encounter, according to court documents obtained Tuesday by Los Angeles' City News Service.

    "Sadly, no personal detail is too sacred to be sold by Noa for profit," the papers, filed Friday by Lopez's attorney, Paul Sorrell, state.

    The actress' camp filed for a preliminary injunction in April to stop Noa from going ahead with his plan to pen the humbly titled The Unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a Serial Thriller, alleging that he offered to back off if Lopez hooked him up with $5 million. She also is requesting that he not be able to profit at all from any private details he may be peddling, whether they wind up in a book or not.

    Sorrell is scheduled to argue for the injunction in court on June 30 against Noa's lawyer, Robert Vasquez, who filed a six-page document last week denying Lopez's allegations that his client's "compliance could be bought for the right price."

    The 36-year-old Monster-in-Law star took legal action in April after the New York Post ran an item about a book proposal Noa was reportedly shopping around, in which each chapter was named after a title of one of Lopez's films.

    According to the latest filing, Noa is also prepared to dish about Lopez having "multiple duplicitous sexual affairs" on the set of 1997's Anaconda and about her having a relationship with Marc Anthony while he was still married to Dayanara Torres and while Lopez was still stepping out with Sean "Diddy" Combs.

    Noa also intends to write that the On the 6 singer's mother, Guadalupe Lopez, is racist and has a gambling problem, the documents stated. (What she actually has is a luck problem, winning $2.4 million in 2004 while fiddling with the dollar slots in Atlantic City.)

    "Noa will do anything within his power to make money off his ex-wife--and thinks nothing of willfully breaching the agreement and hurting [Lopez] in the process," Sorrell wrote. "He is out of control."

    The agreement he's referring to is a $125,000 settlement agreement that Lopez and Noa arrived at after he sued her for allegedly backing out of a promise to let him manage one of her restaurants. As part of the settlement, Noa was told he could not divulge any intimate details about his former wife or their relationship for monetary gain.

    Now, either Noa is unclear about what constitutes intimacy or he disagrees with the above agreement.

    It's a toss-up. In a deposition taken earlier this month, Noa said that he should be free to publish anything he wants because he doesn't consider himself bound to the terms of the settlement.

    "I mean, I live in a free country," he said. "No? I can express myself. I can talk and say whatever I want to."

    "Amazingly, Noa also claims that the terms of the agreement are too vagueÂ?because they do not specify exactly what personal details about [his ex-wife] Noa cannot reveal," Sorrell stated.

    Also in the more than 285 pages of documents filed Friday was the allegation that Noa recently tried to sell videos of Lopez primping for their wedding and honeymoon and another featuring her in a revealing bikini to the National Enquirer.

    Lopez married Noa in February of 1997 and was outta there by March 1998.