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Sorry, Brad and Angelina, but a New Power Couple Has Arrived in Los Angeles

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Governors Ball, Oscars Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Did you feel that wave of energy that rippled across the country? It originated in Los Angeles, and it was definitely more powerful than that little earthquake we had a couple weeks ago.

And it was all because a new It couple has arrived in L.A. recently, and they are destined to overshadow even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They're the ultimate power couple. Or should we say they're the ultimate prideful couple?

Hubert, Kalisa, LA Zoo, Lions Tad Motoyama

We're talking about the lion couple that you can now visit at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens! Meet Kalisa and Hubert (aren't those named much cooler than Brad and Angie?). They are a 15-year-old lion pair that came all the way from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. And we hate to say it, but it's quite possible that they are even more beautiful than Brangelina.

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Hubert, Kalisa, LA Zoo, Lions Sherry Yuen-Ruan

Look at those eyes!

Hubert, Kalisa, LA Zoo, Lions Sherry Yuen-Ruan

Those whiskers!

Hubert, Kalisa, LA Zoo, Lions Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo

That glorious fur!

And even their love story is perfect. Their old home even tweeted about their first time meeting, and it was definitely love at first sight:

"Krugeri lions Hubert and Kalisa have met for the first time and are already flirting. Stay tuned to see if they choose to mate!"

This is the Hollywood couple everyone should be obsessed with. So if you're in the Los Angeles area, get your paparazzi on and visit the LA Zoo to check out Kalisa and Hubert.

Wait! We have to give them a couple name!

Hulisa? Kabert?

We might as well take the rest of the day to decide on their power couple mashup.

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