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    The Grand Budapest Hotel: Our Favorite Residents From Wes Anderson's Latest Flick

    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Recounting the life of legendary concierge M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) is the focus of writer-director Wes Anderson's newest creation. Gustave worked at the magnificently famous (and purely fictional) Grand Budapest Hotel during wartime. Told in flashbacks, he and his trusted bellboy, Zero (Tony Revolori) embark on a quest to save a priceless painting in the midst of a battle for a family fortune, motorcycle chases, sleds, skis and...murder.

    Rest assured, it's all good fun, darling.

    Gustave has become quite the suitor to the wealthy older women of the hotel. One in particular, Madame D. (Tilda Swinton) has just passed away, leaving him a priceless painting. Her family is outraged.

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    By this point, you either love Wes Anderson's exquisitely detailed dollhouse sets, eccentric characters and his way of making the antique new. Or you just don't. This is one of his most engaging tales in years. A big part of it is Fiennes fresh performance, but every cast member manages to sign the registry with memorable style. Not to be missed—again, if you like Anderson's film, that is.  

    The Grand Budapest Hotel has a lot of compelling characters. Some of our favorites:

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    1. M. Gustave: We've seen Fiennes' dark side as He Who Must Not Be Named in the Harry Potter series, but he's never had a role like this. Gustave is at once foolish and brilliant usually in the same scene. He's affectionately hilarious. Anderson's most charming character ever.

    2. Zero: The true heart of the picture is newcomer Tony Revolori as Gustave's bellboy and best friend. At his most bold, most cocky he reminds of Max (Jason Schwartzman) from Rushmore. Speaking of, Schwartzman has a tiny role here.

    3. Madam D.: A nearly unrecognizable Tilda Swinton plays the elderly Madam D. Her scenes are short (she pass away early on) while her fortune is quite big.

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    4. Deputy Kovacs: New to Anderon's cast, Jeff Goldblum adores his feline companion until someone tosses the fur ball out the window. Who would be crazy enough to murder a lawman's pet?

    This next guy, that's who!

    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    5. Jopling: He hardly says much, letting his fetishistic leather outfits speak volumes about Willem DaFoe's latest psychotic character. If he's tailing you on his motorbike, chances are you're already dead.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    6. Agatha: Saoirse Ronan captures the heart of Zero's affection. She's a baker, which comes in handy when Gustave lands in prison. Break out the confections.

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel Fox Searchlight Pictures

    7. Dmitri: Adrien Brody plays Madam D.'s greediest relative. Can't shoot worth a darn though.

    8. Mr. Moustafa: The film is told in flashbacks as an older version of Zero, now named Mr. Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham), who recounts his life of the man who never stopped caring to a writer played by Jude Law.

    By the end, our stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel kinda broke our heart.

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