Sadie Robertson

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Don't lose faith in Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson.

The 16-year-old reality TV star says she won't go the way of other famous teens, like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, whose bad behavior often outshines their true talents. "I get a tweet at least once a day that says, 'I hope Sadie Robertson doesn't turn out like Miley Cyrus,'" Robertson tells FOX 411. "When you're famous you do get so much attention that I can see how you could just think the world of yourself. I think if you go into it thinking that this is not for me, that this is for God, you'll be okay."

Robertson and her family didn't make a deal with the devil when they agreed to have their lives filmed for A&E. Instead, she says they saw it as an opportunity to share their Christian beliefs with the world.

"When we began Duck Dynasty, we weren't starting it for fame. We started it to get the message of God out there," she explains. "We could have easily done a reality show like everyone else. But it's our faith that catches people's eyes because sadly, it's not something we're used to seeing these days."

According to the aspiring model, her family devised an exit strategy if fame ever took its toll.

"We had a family dinner before the show started and we talked about if at any time in this journey that God is not first, then we have to put the show away," she says. "If we start to think of ourselves too highly, we remember that we were happy before the show and we will be happy after the show."

Rest assured, Robertson—who also has her own YouTube show—plans to stand her ground if her beliefs are put to the test. "I think people use fame as an excuse to lose their faith," she says. "Faith is obviously my number one priority and I think you need to put God at the top of everything you do."

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