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"Team Oscar" Meets Up With Channing Tatum, Angelina Jolie and More Before Hitting the Oscars

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"Team Oscar" is hours away from hitting the Oscars stage…and they've been having a blast leading up to the big day.

During rehearsals Saturday, the group mingled with Channing Tatum, who helped choose the winners of the "Team Oscar" college search, with the Magic Mike star chatting with the student filmmakers and showing off photos of his daughter Everly, according to USA Today.

"I'll be the proud dad for a minute," Tatum said, as he pulled out his phone, scrolled through snaps and beamed as the group gushed over his adorable baby girl. 

"She's 9 months, so [she's] really starting to get cute," he continued.

The thesp gave the six students advice about how to handle the Oscar telecast, and promised to do "ten push-ups" at the Academy Awards if he messed up the pronunciation of their names at the podium.

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Team Oscar Twitter/Instagram

Kerry Washington was also on hand at rehearsals and made sure to greet the students.

"See you all tomorrow with your fancy clothes on," the pregnant Scandal star told them.

Thursday, the students hobnobbed with Angelina Jolie, who introduced herself as "Angie" and reportedly told them she was excited she didn't fall over while rehearsing for her presenter duties, according to ABC News.

"You'll help make the night a fun night," she said.

The group also showed off their own candid shots during the week, with Nathan Flanagan-Frankl posting a shot of the group on Instagram with the caption, "The Next Avengers on the #eredcarpet."

Earlier this year, Tatum hit Ellen to reveal the winners of the Team Oscar search: Zaineb Abdul-Nabi (University of Michigan), Tayo Amos (Stanford University), Flanagan-Frankl (Chapman University), Jeanpaul Isaacs (Rutgers University), Bryson Kemp (Muhlenberg College) and Mackenna Millet (Pepperdine University).

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Team Oscar Twitter/Instagram

Each of the students submitted a creative short video explaining how they would contribute to the future of movies, along with a brief essay question on a similar topic.

Abdul-Nabi, who plans to "push the boundaries of digital filmmaking" shared a video montage of film and digital mediums of scenes and people she's shot around her neighborhood.

Flanagan-Frankl wants to create stories that "diversify the role of the hero," and shared a video of his vision for how he wants to break down stereotypes and add more diversity to the film industry.

Issacs showed off his stellar filmmaking skills with clips from past films he created, and discussed his passion "keep making films that people can be immersed in."

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Team Oscar Twitter/Instagram

Kemp showed off his piano skills to demonstrate how music can set the tone of a film and take it up a notch. "Music makes the movie and I'm going to make the music," he said.

In Amos' video, she discussed why she wants to be a part of "the movement" of the film industry in which "real people can connect with stories of human connection."

Meanwhile, Millet spoke no words but used text, graphic and demonstrative clips to show what she loves about filmmaking and how she creates films. "I will edit stories to create community," she wrote in her clip.

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