Oscars Red Carpet Rain Cover


Los Angeles just got hit with an unusual bout of bad weather…just in time for the Oscars.

Earlier in the week, the city's typically sunny and warm days turned into rain and chilly (for LA) temps, and it's set to continue into Sunday.

According to weather.com, when the Academy Awards red carpet begins around 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, there will still be about a 20 percent chance of rain, with temps raising a bit to 62 degrees.

For now, the Oscars prep team has taken precautions for the weather, covering the red carpet with plastic, adding in gutters and using squeegees to push out any extra water.

A source told E! News Saturday that in spite of those efforts, the red carpet was still soaked through, and the rain hitting the plastic cover made it difficult to hear--which could affect red carpet interviews.

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Associate producer of arrivals, Joe Lewis, told Reuters, "It has been a challenge, a lot of water in a short amount of time. There is no perfect science to a rain plan. It is going to rain, there is going to be water, we have got to protect as best we can."

As for how the weather will affect Oscars fashion if the downpour continues through carpet time, we chatted with E! Fashion Police host George Kotsiopoulos to get the scoop.

In terms of gowns, the stylist said, "I don't think weather ever affects the dress choice. If something looks incredible, it looks incredible. No one is going to be like, 'Oh it's 10 degrees out, I can't wear this strapless gown.' You don't not wear something because it's cold or raining."

"A lot of these girls are having customs gowns made, which have taken a long time," he continued. "Unless they had their fittings last night, it's not going to affect their choice. A movie star will look like a movie star. You won't wear something sensible just because of the rain."

The only change we may see because of the weather, Kotsiopoulos said, is a shorter hem or smaller train, adding, "for the most part, I don't think we'll see many modifications."

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After the carpet though, stars may switch it up more and change into something different for after parties. "I think this year we may see more outfit changes between the Oscars and the after parties," he continued.

When it comes to hair, we may see a change there—even Jared Leto told us he may sport a "man bun" if it pours on Oscar Sunday, for example.

"Because hair is more sensitive to weather, we may be seeing more up-dos," Kotsiopoulos said. "We may see more hair stacked with curls. It's easier to put your hair up to avoid any drama. You're definitely safer with your hair up when it's raining. If your hair is up it's easier to maneuver in inclement weather."

Back in 2010, when it rained hard at the Golden Globes, star's publicists and significant others held umbrellas for them while they posed on the carpet.

While it wasn't the most pleasant experience, celebs like Sofia Vergara, Mariah Carey and more made the best of it, heading inside as quick as possible.

The Modern Family star joked about the scene at the time, telling E!'s Ryan Seacrest, "We're not M&Ms," We're not gonna die."

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