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The Milwaukee Brewers Rescued a Stray Dog and Made Him Their Unofficial (but Super Cute) Mascot

Milwaukee Brewers Hank Twitter/Facebook

Our favorite part of baseball has always been those tight pants the players have to wear, but we have a new favorite thing: This stray dog that the Milwaukee Brewers rescued. His name is Hank.

The Brewers are currently at spring training in sunny Phoenix (a far cry from the cold, miserable winter Wisconsin is still facing—wish you were here, Cheeseheads!). The team found the 2ish-year-old (maybe) Bichon Frise mix wandering around the Maryvale Baseball Park last week.

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Milwaukee Brewers Hank Twitter/Facebook

When the found Hank, he had a tail injury and "markings" on one of his hind legs that indicate he may have been run over by a car. The team got him the care he needed, cleaned him all up, and named him after baseball legend Hank Aaron.

‘‘Yeah, he's making a pretty big impact, which I've got to say is pretty cool,'' pitcher Yovani Gallardo told ‘‘It's getting a lot of attention, for sure. I think he likes it, too.''

Milwaukee Brewers Hank Twitter/Facebook

Hank is truly living a rags to riches tale: The underdog (pun very much intentional) who didn't have a home is now eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and taking turns rooming with various members of the team and staff.

He even has a doggy jersey: No. 1, of course!

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Milwaukee Brewers Hank Twitter/Facebook

The team put up signs to find his owner, but so far haven't had any luck. If spring training ends without finding Hank's original owner, the team fully prepares to bring him back to Milwaukee with them.

‘‘A number of different departments are vying for him,'' Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said. ‘‘The players want him on the roster and to travel with the team...We want to do what's right for the team. I think he's really an asset.''

Here is a picture of Hank racing the Brewers' sausage mascots:

Milwaukee Brewers Hank Twitter/Facebook

And here is video of Hank and the ‘‘Famous Racing Sausages'':

You're welcome.

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