Husky, Head Scratcher


Sorry, Corgis. The Internet has moved on. Didn't you know fame is fleeting?

It seems that every time we turn on the World Wide Web, a new video starring a dog has gone viral. And that dog is usually a Siberian husky.

Sure, you can make the argument that every kind of dog has a huge Internet following, but there is something about huskies that makes them so hot right now.

Is it those hypnotizing eyes? Is it the fact that when we were younger we all loved the Disney film Iron Will and now we have a thing for sled dogs? Or is it because they sort of look like wolves so owners think themselves to be tamers of wild beasts?

Who cares?! They are freakin' adorable, and here are all the reasons to prove it, with video evidence! Some of these are oldies (but goodies), while two of them just popped up this week.

1. They make amazing cuddle buddies. Who can blame this cat for wanting to curl up with her husky pal?

2. They talk! For example, this husky does not want to go to his kennel, and he's not afraid to let his owners know that.

3. They are patient and playful. Not only does this husky just want to play with this cat, but he will not give up even when the cat is clearly having none of his nonsense.

4. They aren't afraid to look a little silly if it means they are happy. Is there any creature on this planet that is most content than this husky getting his head scratched? Nope.

5. They howl like big, strong beasts! Unless they are just a puppy, in which case they howl like this. (And it's so adorable.)

6. Did we mention they talk? Because this husky is telling her owners that she loves them. When is the last time your pet did that?

Huskies are the Internet's new favorite dog. Case closed. 

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