Baby Bar Refaeli, Instagram, TBT


Bar Refaeli's baby photo is smokin'—literally.

The supermodel shared a funny photo of herself as a tiny tot with a cigarette (unlit, of course) in her mouth. The throwback snapshot was clearly done to be humorous, and Refaeli took the opportunity to make a joke about her mom and dad's parenting techniques.

"I swear they raised me well," she captioned the picture.

The snapshot shows Bar as a toddler, with short blond tresses and piercing blue eyes, sitting on the lap of an older man (possibly her father) as a cigarette casually sits on her lips.

Fast-forward some years, and people continue to do double-takes at the Israeli celeb, but now it's for her gorgeous looks.

The blond beauty was a victim of false reports not too long ago, which claimed she was down in the dumps because she couldn't find a man to hold a steady relationship with (yes, we thought that seemed a little unbelievable, too).

"Just woke up to Daily News saying I'm looking for a strong FAMOUS guy- what?!?! Where did u get that?? Completely false," the stunner posted on her social media page. "LOL now I won't be stopped getting asked out by u guys ha?:) i'm single, happy and loving it!"

You tell 'em!

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