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Luna the Rescued Kitten Is the Only Heartwarming Animal Story You Need to Read Today

Luna, Rescued Kitten Imgur/hiblue

Hey, sometimes life seems kind of bleak. Connie Britton promised that a Friday Night Lights reunion movie will never happen. Not enough people are watching Parks and Recreation. Justin Bieber is still doing things. But then a story comes along that shines a bright light in the dark emptiness that is our soul and for one glorious moment, we feel safe, warm and happy.

This is one of those stories.

A man who goes by the username hiblue recently documented his story of rescuing a kitten he named Luna, complete with photos. We're just summarizing the tale (or should we say tail? Get it? You're welcome for that), and these are just some of the photos he posted, but you can read the full story and see more pics on his Imugr account.

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Luna, Rescued Kitten Imgur/hiblue

He found the abandon kitten in an industrial area, where it was alone and near starvation. The beautiful cat had different colored eyes (one blue and one green), and he was so taken with the stray that he decided the least he could do was feed her.

Well, the kitten was so happy that she immediately started snuggling up to her savior. And hiblue didn't stand a chance.

Luna, Rescued Kitten Imgur/hiblue

"I sat and pet her for a solid hour before deciding to take her home," he said. And how could he not?

After naming her Luna and giving her more food, he gave her a much-needed flea bath. Most cats aren't the biggest fans of water, but Luna "just relaxed in the warm water."

Luna, Rescued Kitten Imgur/hiblue

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Now Luna has a new home, a new owner and new lap to curl up in.

"I've never rescued an animal before and all of this was new to me," he said. "I can't even begin to explain how rewarding and fulfilling it all was. It was a huge highlight of the year."

Luna, Rescued Kitten Imgur/hiblue

So if this story made you feel all happy inside, visit to find an adoption center near you! And then you can rescue an animal and feel as rewarded as this guy does.

(H/T LaughingSquid)

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