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Matt Lauer and Al Roker Sit Naked Together in a Hot Tub in Sochi, Receive Russian Spa Treatments—Watch Now!

Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Sochi NBC

And you thought their on-air prostate exams were their biggest bonding efforts.

In a segment for the Today show dubbed "Relax Like Olympians," Al Roker and Matt Lauer stripped down naked and cozied up together in a Russian Bath House in Sochi, where they were pampered like Olympic athletes.  

"Now I think it's time to chill out like an Olympian," Roker says to Lauer before the famous friends enter a traditional bathhouse where they hilariously disrobe into nothing but towels and knit beanies, to which Matt proclaims, "We could've done without the hat." 

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The pair then, um, indulge in a few unusual spa treatments, which include a very forceful massage—"Do you have more than two hands? Because it feel like there's more than two things going on right now!" Roker exclaimed—and a smacking on the back by masseuses who were wielding hot eucalyptus leaves.

"What did I do to you?" Matt moaned during the spa spanking, while Roker wailed, "That tingles!"

And that's when the twosome decided hit the hot tub. 

"Hey Al, I'm not sure how much more of the recreational spanking I can take," Matt said. "What do you say we go for a steam?" 

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The two were then directed to a steaming outdoor tub where two masseuses poured hot water all over their heads before covering their faces with a massive pile of eucalyptus leaves.

"It's like the second-to-last scene in a cannibal movie," Lauer quipped before adding, "So now we know how to relax like Olympians."

"Yeah, by making Matt and Al soup," Roker said.

Lauer has been putting in overtime at the 2014 Winter Olympics. He anchored NBC's primetime coverage for the second night in a row on Wednesday evening due to Bob Costas' persistent eye infection. 

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